On the situation in automobile tire production in Iran

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Fars reports quoting Iranian production, many car owners to properly do not know what an important role in vehicle tires, the car’s safety and handling. Automotive rubber part of living that requires special care to avoid the accident. Not bad to know that rubber production capacity or “Auto legs” that the transportation is in any society in the world is about 1.5 billion ring and the global demand for this product is approximately 1.2 billion transactions worth 70 to 80 billion ring dollars a year. The global trade in the 10 largest tire manufacturers in the production of radial tires is often involved.

According to statistics in the region there are about 22 tire factories, of which 9 plants with a capacity of about 14 thousand people in Iran is engagement. However, the industry 70 thousand indirect employment is sought.

According to statistics, about 15 to 20% of the domestic market 230 thousand tons of tire types, the import is done, while the annual production of tires in the domestic market needs.

Tire plants in Iran

Iran tire industry tire manufacturer is composed of 9 correct understanding of the technology and capabilities of each of these companies in the country, the situation in the tire industry can be effective.

Company Kyantayr (rubber Alborz), Ayrantayr company, the company Dena Tire, Rubber Company Pars, Kerman Rubber Industries Complex, Yazd Tire, Goldstone Tires, Iran Yasa Tire and Rubber Company Kavir tire and 9 are set in manufacturing tires of cars, vans, trucks and machinery, tire and tube, bicycle and motorcycle tires, bias and radial bolts of cotton, wire belt passenger tires are working. While most tire manufacturers, technology companies, raised from foreign manufacturers, including Bridgestone, Pirelli, Italy, Matadr Slovakia and Japan have used their technical knowledge.

Iran’s state rubber industry

Currently, more than 80% of the market car tires in the domestic manufacturers, and although the tires imported these days the Chinese are willing to participate in the country along with other brands of German, Italian and Japanese have led to This product is available to importers to be part of the market.

The increase reflects a general tendency to use the country’s tire import foreign tires and tires reduce the consumption of locally made luxury cars and expensive, he said. This is because according to the quality and shelf life up to this type of tire, the public desire to buy (expensive, but premium) there.

Mohammad, a shopkeeper in the street Republic said external quality tires with tires not competitive domestic and foreign high-priced tires, many customers prefer to buy locally-made low-quality tires.

He stresses that only a few have managed to maintain the quality of their products in Iran, and many factories had a significant drop in quality in the past few years.

The main problem of the country’s technological dependence of the tire industry

One of the problems is that technological backwardness of the country’s rubber industry is suffering. Among the reasons for this neglect can be Qbmandgyha technological change in the world, the spread of Iran’s rubber and tire industry is an island practice of other problems. While in the interior 9 tire manufacturing plant there. However, their total production volume scale appropriate to the size of a plant is not in accordance with international standards.

On the other hand, international sanctions in the industry a lot of pressure because of the heavy reliance on external (100% technology, 85% and 70% of the plant raw material) has created.

At the same time some of the most important problems of producers in the rubber industry can be as high tariffs on imports of raw materials, low quality of domestic raw materials, unbalanced and continuous increase in raw material prices of imported and domestic production, lack of liquidity of some tire, tires uncontrolled entry of foreign poor , the high cost of taxes and fees, exhaustion old machinery and technology, the need to rapidly changing consumer and automotive tire technology as the high cost of technological change.

The continuous and sustained increase in the price of rubber, not very good quality local products, high import tariffs on tire imports, resulting in high prices and poor tires, sale of tires produced by some manufacturers due to market factors, the price to your liking There are also some problems changing consumer products industry.

Market dominated inferior Chinese tires

The interesting point in this massive imports of Chinese tires without quality and poor quality domestic production is about 30 percent lower than the tires. While it is true that the price of raw materials from domestic sources with the external policies and increased flotation prices vibrations introduced last year, raw material prices have seen a 36 percent growth.

As one of the market participants tires imported, mainly Chinese, often by amateur traders will enter the market, not more than three months of work and life to less than a quarter of domestic production tires. Also, 99 percent of Chinese tires imported from China and the UAE are cheap and are of poor quality and inappropriate use of these products on a long time ago.

According to the market participants in this regard, apart from the economic costs that people impose buying this type of tire to use these products without quality. Consumers will be faced with a life-threatening to be custodians of the import, with increased control and monitoring of imports of these goods poor, the formal entry into the country to prevent smuggling.

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