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Old car tires
Cotton seventies were known to rubber tires. The top cover rubber was made from silk threads. And even today, many older people still rely on the efficiency and quality of the tires. But the development of science and technology led to replace wired tires are rubber cotton.
Wire tires
The new generation of wired or radial tires with a known name. Of course, this model also producing tires from the late 70s Rsydhbvdnd. Radial tires with steel cross-sectional area covered wires that causes increased pressure and speed at high speeds. Also compared to the previous tires (cotton) show better performance.
Ingredients tires
Tires of rubber, steel and some natural wool layer is formed. And this causes so many ingredients from recycled tires. The developed countries after tire wear, it’s completely recovered. It is interesting that even steel bars used in it due to the quality of recycled again and the tires as well as wool because it is a natural material, is recycled.
Or as part of tire tread rubber layers can also be milled. With grinding of the rubber can be used to manufacture plastic flooring sidewalk and park use. Of course grind with mixing with sand and take over the overall process. These tires have less traction and slip risk is much reduced.
Outside of rubber bands stretched can be seen that for each tire, a special project. These strips are known as the tread rubber. Tread rubber due to direct contact with the ground at all while driving, is very important. Many people who ride on your car are of great importance to good health and do not tread lines fade. But we must recognize that health and water out of the tire in the tread design has a huge impact. It also increases handling and better steering performance will be affected most.
Jha different projects. This is due to the faster and better discharge of water from the rubber at different levels of the road. Jha plan are divided into several categories. Plans veins, lateral, lateral and fine veins and at the end of the block design are the designers and engineers from various proposals they are making a good tire. Perhaps the city’s performance Jha did not, but the roads slippery, snowy and rainy and there are even sandy normal tire with good Jhay very impressive.
In the old days it was very simple and uniform tread. As technology advances in engines and cars, tire manufacturers also subsequently for the use of the latest achievements, got to work.
And why tire companies are forced to improve the quality of their products. This also caused the rubber surface grooves and lines, or the tread often modified to meet the needs of power and speed of the vehicle.
Quite unnecessarily!
During the 80s and 90 tires were produced Rvtyshndar or arrow. But these tires generally show good performance in the dry and rainy. But the frost and snow did not have a good performance. So in the next decade with the advancement of technology in the form of tires was again a total transformation. Directional tires were removed from the form and the shape of modern tires which have different designs, were. In modern tires and inner edge of the outer edge of the tires was found. This means that the rubber is only one direction in the ring. Also, if the width of the tire, the cross-sectional area divided into two equal parts, forms the outer part of the tread or tread inner half is completely different. This four-season tires with different road conditions such as dry, wet and snow performance are very good.
Size and characteristics of tires
Tires are produced in various dimensions and sizes, and as you can see in the screenshot to the number 20ZR35 / 295 imprinted on the tire indicates this Andaz·hhast. 295 number shows the cross-sectional area or the same size tires. This code means that the tire width 29 cm and 5 mm. And much more. This size increases the speed and power of the car.
Number 35 indicates the tire height. To obtain an overall height of 295 tires in the number of multiply 35z. The resulting number is the overall height of the tire will show 5/88. As vehicle speed increases to improve handling and stability tires trying to edge consider shorter. The number 20 represents the diameter of the tire rubber. The size of the ring is always the same size in inches is considered. The 20-inch tire. R means radial tire is a tire carved on all the models.
In front of this size, a combination of letters and numbers carved Code. It is located within two brackets, indicating the tire’s maximum speed and tolerable weight. And what’s in the code, quickly shows tolerable rubber. The rubber on the 105 Y indicates that this tire can withstand up to a maximum speed of 300 km. The letter Z on rubber shows the highest speed tolerated. For easier understanding of this topic can read the following table.
Along with this letter is a three-digit or two-digit number was carved. This three-digit number represents the tolerable weight Hrlastyk Here number 105 indicates which tire weighs 925 kilograms be able to tolerate. Of course, in other parts of the tire is shown in the expression Max Load.
Furthermore, it is important that somewhere in the tire carved a 4 digit code that represents the history of rubber production. For example, 3111 indicates that the tire was produced in the thirty-first week of 2011. Two left and two right number indicates the week and year the tire. Tires useful life of 5 years, so when they have to buy another Knyd.kd four-digit code given on some carved tires, M + S is. The SUV and off-road tire is more to be seen. This code indicates that the desired tire for dry roads, rain, mud and rugged good.

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