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CEAT WINSUPER X3-D is a high-performance truck tire with excellent durability, designed to provide superior performance in a variety of conditions. This tire is suitable for general transport, goods transport, construction and agriculture and with unique features such as high performance compound, wide tread block design, reinforced bar and side grooves, reliable performance and long life. provides

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CEAT WINSUPER X3-D: new generation truck tires for high performance

CEAT WINSUPER X3-D is a high performance truck tire designed to provide excellent performance, durability and stability. With outstanding features and optimized design, the CEAT WINSUPER X3-D is the perfect choice for drivers looking for durable and reliable tires.



Technical specifications of CEAT WINSUPER X3-D:
* Size: 8.25 R 20, 9.00 R 20, 10.00 R 20
* Layer rating: 16
* Overall diameter: 988, 1024, 1064 mm
* Side wall width: 240, 260, 278 mm
* Tread depth: 16.5, 18.0, 20.0 mm
* Rim size: 6.5 x 20, 7.0 x 20, 7.5 x 20
* Speed/load index: 137/135 K, 142/140 K, 143/146 K


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