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CEAT WINMILE-R tire with strong grooves and cooling compound is suitable for medium transport and medium load. This tire with high durability and better fuel efficiency is an ideal choice for trucks and buses.

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The CEAT WINMILE-R tire product is an excellent choice for those who are looking for high-value and high-performance tires. With its unique design, this tire offers long life and better fuel efficiency, suitable for all types of trucks and buses.

Key Features:
1. Strong and connected grooves: This feature makes the tire wear evenly and increases its useful life.
2. Cool compound with low rolling resistance: This compound helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce tire temperature.
3. Carcass design with natural balance: This design makes it more durable and resistant to different road conditions.

Technical Specifications:
– Size: 9.00 R 20
-Play rating: 16
– Overall diameter: 1016 mm
– Groove depth: 14.5 mm
Rim size: 7.0 x 20 inches
– Load/speed index: 140/142 K

Product matrix:
This tire is designed for medium transportation with medium load and is suitable for use in buses and trucks. The design and features of this tire make it perform better in different road conditions and reduce maintenance costs.

CEAT WINMILE-R tire with unique features and high performance is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a tire with high value and better fuel efficiency. This product can meet various transportation needs and increase productivity.


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