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The tire manufacturers, a wide range of tires for various vehicles of that size, tread, steel, construction and use of different types. In addition to climatic conditions and different roads, they made special food. It is interesting that tire compounds used in private cars and vans, to reach 200. Although the diverse needs of drivers, different tires Each tire is produced but with Ryngchrkh, air chamber which enables vehicle weight placed on it. It may surprise you to know that more than 95% by weight of the vehicle if the air pressure inside the tire and rubber incurs, only 5% tolerant. Another interesting point is that where the tire meets the road, little more than a regular postcard and turn, accelerate and stop the car, it is only through this small area. To compensate for the bumps and jolts of the tire on the road, helping to suspension. In this paper, the fabrication process, structural components or types of tire (tubeless) have not been addressed, but it is an attempt to provide practical tips on elastomer is and how to use some simple advice to add tire life and taking diminishing fuel. ● building tires for private cars made today are almost all tires, radial tires (radial), in which the layers of body manufacturer for radial tires from one foot to the other foot and pulled installed. These layers are cemented in place with steel straps. The collars are firmly on the wheel well and block out the wind. The primer layer, such as tubes in old tires. It keeps the air inside the tire. ● View car tire on the outer wall of each tire, numbers and codes listed are in fact birth certificates of vehicle tires. This concept is illustrated in Figure 2 marks. The following describes some of them. A) size of vehicle tires with symptoms such as tire size P165 / 65R13 (for example, the numbers on the tire Pride) is shown. Its meaning is as follows: P = 165 width tires private car tire (in mm) 65 = ratio of height to width tire wall (in mm) R = Radial 13 = diameter of the ring (in inches) b) limit the number of loading representing the maximum weight that the tire can not tolerate, when the maximum permissible pressure, and varies between zero and 279 (Figure 2). For private cars, the number of 75 to 105 is loaded. In Table 1, the relationship between these two tires and maximum tolerance can be seen. For example, a load of 400 kg for the Pride 76, ie the maximum pressure when the tire is allowed (section “and see”), and can carry a maximum of 4% kg. Note that the load never tires of less than the amount recommended by the manufacturer, automotive, do not install the ring. C) mark the maximum speed of the tire can withstand maximum tolerated, with a letter from A to Z expressed. Speed ​​number of these letters is given in Table 2. For example, the sidewall of tire Pride, symbol H to quickly insert that shows when the tire pressure and load time is right, the maximum power is 320 kilometers per hour. Obviously, if the tire pressure is affected by speed. But it is not regulated or overload is applied on it is damaged or can burst. D) all of the manufacture of rubber elastomer construction of the wall are shown with four digits. The first two numbers indicate the week and year of manufacture of rubber are two digits after. For example, the number “1607” indicates the tire was produced in the sixteenth week of 2007. Today, with new tires abroad, receive a card after entering specifications should be posted to the address of the manufacturer or rubber over the Internet, record any malfunctioning to be pursued later. E) compounds of the tire manufacturer, tire manufacturer explain materials. Example: TREAD PLIES = 1-PLY POLYESTER + 2 STEEL ie tire tread composed of a polyester cover with two layers of steel wire. And) the maximum tire pressure and burden in value against the “maximum pressure” on the tire inserts, tire pressure should be wind, maximum tolerable when you wish to impose on it. This number is the amount of pressure is not recommended for normal use. The recommended tire pressure on a plate, usually on the inner edge of one of the two front mounted, is written. If you can not find it, refer to the vehicle manual. ● Using some simple advice, you can add the survival of car tires on the car tire life add that this, in addition to the economy, help the environment as well as to maintain the production of tires, the environmental pollution is equivalent to burning 26 liters, while the disposal of worn tires also hurts the environment. Also in case of improper settings (eg, balance wheels, adjustable steering wheel and air pressure), higher fuel consumption, while economic loss, air pollution is increasing. For example, in 2003 the Association of Canadian Tire a study found that the largest factor in the country’s car tire wear, wind Lastykhast not regulated, so that almost 70% of vehicles had at least one tire pressure is 10% higher and 56% of tires blowing 10% less than recommended by the tire manufacturer. A) the effects of the low risk of wind blowing the tires of the tire, the tire is unsafe to drive because in this case, the hot tire wall, and it increases the risk of cracking. In addition, the factor that causes the crown firmly on the ring survives, the pressure in the tires. If the tire is very little wind, at high speeds and a refusal (especially in hot weather) may be separated from the ring. One of the effects of wind rising gasoline consumption are the tires because the tire with the road surface increases. In Table 3, the effect of tires on low wind speeds increase tire wear and increased fuel consumption has been shown. As seen in the wind of approximately 1% for every 5% on fuel consumption is added, that if, for example, instead of 32 PSI recommended by the manufacturer, the tire pressure is 26 PSI, while fuel consumption by 3% increase the life of your vehicle’s tires is too low to 10 thousand kilometers. B) the effects of high winds blowing a tire that is more than recommended, just in the middle of moving ribbed surface, so tire wear early on that section arises, while braking and cornering, handling is difficult. According to the rationing of gasoline, some drivers think high inflation the tire, reduce fuel consumption. This is to reduce friction with the road appear correct but not economical because less tire life, driving with a higher risk of burnout and the car’s steering and suspension system will bring. C) other factors that are causing the tire wear as well be seen in the curve of Fig. 3, driving at high speed reduces tire life brings. For example, if instead of 80, average vehicle speed is 110 kilometers per hour tire service life is reduced by 35%. Other factors that reduce tire life, driving (hard braking, Bksvad, etc.) and the type of road where the traffic is. Do not adjust the steering wheel in one direction and not balance the tires wear followed. ● How do we increase tire life? 1) monthly visits only vehicle that is in contact with the road, its tires, then your safety while driving to ensure the accuracy depends elastomer. These visits at least once a month for your assurance in this regard: ▪ cold wind when the wheels are set. Note change in temperature causes the pressure in a tire is changed, every 5 ° change in air treatment, 1psi the tire pressure change, ie, reduce the temperature to 15 ° C, 10% will be followed Kmbady. Rubber and gradually winds are low. For example, each month, on average, vehicle tires 2 psi of air pressure to lose that in hot weather the pressure reduction is done more quickly. On adjustment of the tire is important to realize that no one is looking at the tire (tires, especially radial) tires can not say whether the wind is low because of low apparent wind even 50 percent of it is not detectable. The expensive cars that are equipped with tire warning system, only the driver aware of the critical tire pressure Myknndkh past. The pressure must be adjusted to ensure a high degree of purchase. Wind grades that are usually not precise because Bhtvrdaym Paratyha to work under Zrbhand and not maintained properly. While the pressure must be in the “cool” enough to be taken to stop the car at least three hours, or less than 2 km of the route is over. Normally the tire temperature up to 35 ° C traffic increases. So if you drive to Paraty, in practice, there will not be much pressure as accurate, then it is advisable to wind up their home to try it. ▪ visit asymmetrical tires in terms of erosion. Any unusual wear can be a sign of failure in the steering and suspension system. ▪ if eaten glass, sand and other foreign bodies stuck amidst tread, remove it. These objects can gradually descending in the tire and cause a leak wind of it. 2) Set the setting wheel of the wheels means that all vehicle wheels and in a direction perpendicular to the main axis it is absolutely not, otherwise, the tire could well pull off some of the energy to circulate and that it also increased fuel, reduces the tire life. To ensure the car’s wheels set at the flat like a deserted car park to get moving, slowly release the steering wheel, the steering wheel does not pull in any direction. Adjustable steering wheel and the wheels should be done at least every 25 thousand kilometers or once a year. 3) Normally, tire balancing tire and wheel equipment together weigh about 20 kg. If the weight is not distributed uniformly on the wheel so-called wheel is unbalanced. Little changed as much as 14 grams of 20 kg makes the car move vibrate. If you feel the vibration in the steering wheel may not balance forward and see if the seat vibration rear wheels are out of balance. Be referred to WHEEL every 20 thousand kilometers of balance Make sure the wheels. Do not forget that the speed of 120 kilometers per hour on a highway’re on the go, every tire is at least 14 times per second is swinging. Balance not damage vehicle suspension front fascia and you will also. 4) passing the wheel better every 8 to 10 thousand kilometers, instead of each tire change, because the front tires wear faster because they have the task of body roll in the third to do, especially if your vehicle axle forward, abrasion occurs faster. How to replace car tires with each other is inserted in the prospectus. 5) maintenance of rubber tires should be stored vertically clean environment, where the direct sunlight or strong artificial light, heat, electric motors (due to ozone creation) and hydrocarbons (oil cuts) away. If the rubber ring and hold it on the wind set 15psi to prevent cracking.

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